Syd Kitchen: Scars That Shine

Donvé Lee
Tracey McDonald Publishers, Johannesburg, South Africa 2017 | ISBN 978-0-620-70993-4

In September 2010 Glaswegian Jim McKnight is planning a trip to his brother's safari lodge at Loskop Dam near Johannesburg. British musician John Martyn was a close friend of his, and was to have accompanied him on the trip but sadly never got to explore the country whose music he had come to love, and now Jim is preparing to take both John's as well as his cousin's ashes to scatter on African soil.

Heavy Load

David Clayton, Todd K. Smith
Moonshine Publishing, Bilborough, Nottingham 2001; ISBN 978-0954216900

Chapter 22 of the 300 page Free biography tells some nice things about John in relation to the late Paul Kossoff.

Excerpt from chapter 22:


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