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John Martyn is one of Britain's best-loved troubadours. A pioneering folk singer during the sixties, his musical style has constantly changed over the years, breaking down the boundaries between reggae, jazz and pop.

He also has some of the itchiest feet in rock - John spends several months of each year on the road. He recently played more than 100 shows in Europe with hardly a night off.

Ferry Folk

Tom Lappin
The List #142

In the past, Scottish folk programmes seemed almost to be made exclusively to plug gaps in the schedules, when the rest of Britain would be watching something infinitely more exciting.

John Martyn Al Folk Club

Gabriele Ferraris
La Stampa

John Martyn al Folk Club

Negli Anni Settanta era un piccolo-grande mito: quando la Island -la casa discografica che all'epoca era giustamente considerata la patrona e padrona della miglior musica inglese- lo prese sotto la sua ala protettrice, per John Martyn si spalancarono le porte della gloria: i suoi primi lavori, fin dall'esordio con «London Conversation» in puro stile folk, gli attirarono il seguito vasto dei critici entusiasti e quello, più ristretto ma significativo, del pubblico degli appassionati.

Saturday Night Clyde

NRC Handelsblad

Saturday Night Clyde • Vooruitblik op de culturele evenementen die dit jaar in culturele hoofdstad van Europa Glasgow worden gehouden. Met aandacht voor de expositie 'Glasgow's Glasgow', een interview met de Schotse dichter Edwin Morgan, muziek van John Martyn en meer. Gepresenteerd vanaf het Glasgow May Festival. BBC2, 23:25-0:05u.

Hamish Imlach's rocky career now firmly back on track

Rod Campbell
Edmonton Journal

Scottish folksinger and raconteur Hamish Imlach reached a milestone in his career this summer: 25 years as a professional musician. But he forgot to mark the date on his calendar. "It never occurred to me that it was my 25th year," says Imlach, who plays the South Side Folk Club Saturday. "I think I'll be different; I'll have a 26th-anniversary tour next year."


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