What a Combination

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SOME alliances are just too brain-achingly bizarre to get a grip on.
For example, in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Robert de Niro played opposite Richard Briers.
Surely that couldn't really have happened. Gerry Adams sitting down for a cosy chat with Patrick Mayhew? Fair enough. Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat involved in a bit of cosy parley over tea and crumpet? Yeah, why not. But Travis Bickle meets Tom out of The Good Life? Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.


Charlotte O'Sullivan
The Observer

The body of a Sioux chief is to be returned to his tribal homelands, after lying in a Brompton cemetery for 103 years. Do you care where you are buried?

Legendary John Martin Plays Roisin Dubh

Galway Advertiser
That's Entertainment
Legendary John Martin Plays Roisin Dubh

One of the classic singer/songwriters and musicians of the last thirty years, John Martyn, will play two exclusive gigs at Roisin Dubh on Monday and Tuesday, December 5th and 6th. If you haven't got a ticket by now, then it's time to start hustling because those on sale after the gigs were announced sold out in a record-breaking two hours. That's the kind of reputation John Martyn has.

Mystery Man

Alastair Mabbott
The List #240

As John Martyn plays in Scotland for the first time in, ooh, too long, Alastair Mabbott looks back over the history of this musical alchemist.

Grave Martyn

La Stampa



Salta il concerto per un infarto

Il secondo appuntamento della stagione al «Folk Club» in via Perrone è saltato all'ultimo momento. Sabato 8 ottobre, era infatti atteso John Martyn, il fuoriclasse inglese. Ma martedì scorso è stato colpito da infarto. Sembra non sia grave, ma per ora è ricoverato all'ospedale di Birmingham e ne avrà per chissà quanto. Il fatto è che, insieme alla data torinese, sono saltati la bellezza di quaranta concerti già fissati in tutta Europa.

Grace and Danger

Paul Tingen
The Guitar Magazine Vol 4 #7

Don't call it folk! John Martyn is 46, but he's not too old to kick up a stink if you dare lump him in with the finger-in-ear brigade. Paul Tingen dons his profanity-proof sou'ester to meet Britain's most eccentric and unique guitar stylist.

John Martyn [Oor: Een lied in het donker]

René Megens
Oor #25/26

John Martyn is een groot...

... liedjesschrijver en een nog groter zanger. De Schot is echter ook een wispelturig man, die tijdens zijn recente Nederlandse toer de mensen in zijn omgeving tot wanhoop dreef. Zijn bijna vijfentwintigjarige carrière, met onsterfelijke albums als Solid Air en One World, leverde hem geen fortuin op, maar hij kan redelijk van de muziek leven.

John Martyn


Net als landgenoot Richard Thompson kan de Brit John Martyn bogen op een kwart eeuw ervaring in folk- en popkringen. Vanaf dinsdag Amsterdam (Paradiso), Den Haag (Paard, 30/10), Tilburg (Noorderligt, 31/10), Apeldoorn (Gigant, 2/11) en Utrecht (Tivoli, 3/11).

Very short announcement published in Trouw of Thursday 24 October 1991. One day later De Volkskrant made a similar but shorter announcement.

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