John Martyn [Atem]

Gérard Nguyen
Atem magazine #12

John Martyn peut être considéré comme quelqu'un d'un peu à part dans la musique anglaise, et bien qu'étant un des artistes favoris de la critique, le grand public ne semble pas encore avoir découvert ce personnage barbu et bon vivant et sa musique si attachante...

Root Love

Steve Burgess
Dark Star #13 (Vol 3 issue 1)

All right, I'll come clean, never heard London Conversation. But, I remember when summer seemed primal and pagan and hearing John Martyn spinning out a thread of gently-crackpot whimsey called Sing A Song Of Summer from the album The Tumbler on Johnny 'Guru' Peel's show 1) way back sometime then and snaffling a copy of that artifact with all due schoolboy speed.

Martyn's Martin

Melody Maker

I SAW John Martyn on Sight And Sound In Concert1 and was amazed at the sounds he got from his acoustic guitar. What did he use to achieve these effects? If he used a special gadget, how does it work? – Neil Sutherland, Finchley, London N12.

Blood, Sweat and Cheers

Vivien Goldman

The agony and the ecstacy on tour with John Martyn. First aid by VIVIEN GOLDMAN.

JOHN MARTYN rivets attention performing. You'd be wrong in assuming that just because he's one-man-with-a-guitar he doesn't make every crevice of the stage swing.


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