Happy Birthday John

71 years today... and still selling out the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.
It is encouraging to see that people are still engaged with John's music and career. Only yesterday I got an unknown picture from Sweden of John performing in Uppsala, Sweden at the monumental Barowiak theatre (below).


If you want to get in touch with people who feel the same way, look for the John Martyn Group on Facebook. Amazing stuff is shared on that platform.


Odd Arvid Strømstad
1 Feb 1985

Live tv registration in first episode of Zting. John performs three songs with Foster Paterson: Sweet Little Mystery, Dealer and Over The Rainbow.

Zting saw six episodes and John was a main guest in the first one. He gets a two minute interview with presenter Petter Nome first and is in top form. Other artists were R.E.M, Blind Date and Beranek.

Host: Petter Nome, Anne Grete Preus
Director: Odd Arvid Strømstad
Producer: Håkon Skogrand

John Martyn, Superstar!

John Walker
Trouser Press


John Martyn, Superstar!

I once saw a girl absolutely cream some poor bastard with a John Martyn record. He'd whispered some lewd suggestion in her ear and she just whipped around and gave him a tremendous shot in the temple with a copy of So Far So Good.

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