Odd Arvid Strømstad
1 Feb 1985

Live tv registration in first episode of Zting. John performs three songs with Foster Paterson: Sweet Little Mystery, Dealer and Over The Rainbow.

Zting saw six episodes and John was a main guest in the first one. He gets a two minute interview with presenter Petter Nome first and is in top form. Other artists were R.E.M, Blind Date and Beranek.

Track details
1 Sweet Little Mystery 5:13 Never saw people clapping to this song before
2 Dealer 3:46 Nice segue into Over The Rainbow
3 Over The Rainbow 3:47 Sweaty version that became a minor hit


Petter Nome: Give a big hand to mister John Martyn!
{loud applause}
- PN: Is it always like this?
JM: Always, always…
- PN: John Martyn, take a good look at these people around here.
JM: I see them, I see them..
- PN: You know that you could have been the father of most of them…
JM: Well there is every possibility.. I did spend some time in Oslo around fourteen or fifteen years ago..
- PN: Well I don't say you are but it's a fascinating idea! {translation}
The reason why I mention it is that some people in this country tend to believe that rock is a teenybopper thing. I feel that you don't agree?
JM: Well er no, you'll have to ask Mick Jagger, he is seven years older than me. He might know, you know. And of course there's Jerry Lee Lewis, he is a real youngster.
- PN: You feel like a youngster.
JM: I think so.
- PN: I know that you made your first recording in 1968 [sic], and you made another recording in Woodstock… […]
{John makes a double peace sign}
They are kind of symbols for some of us. Does it still have influence on you, that time?
JM: Er no, I must be honest, I burned my kaftan and threw away the beads. But I still believe in peace and love…
- PN: You plan to keep on rolling for some more years. Now can you tell us in very few words, what is the John Martyn sound like in let's say, 2020?
JM: Well I think it might be a little harder. Just a little harder, you know.
- PN: When the roadies carry you on stage…
{Finishes the announcement in Norwegian}
- PN: Here is the John Martyn sound of 1985!

John Martyn: Oslo, 1 Feb 1985, Zting [short interview]

Host: Petter Nome, Anne Grete Preus
Director: Odd Arvid Strømstad
Producer: Håkon Skogrand