The Tube

Gavin Taylor
Tyne Tees television
30 Mar 1984

John is filmed and interviewed during the recording of Sapphire, at Compass Point studios, Nassau, Bahamas. We see a glimpse of Robert Palmer who was instrumental for getting the record finished. After two minutes of Fisherman's Dream, John walks on the beach and gives a few comments. At the end Lee Perry is engaged in mixing at the desk.
I think the clip must have been taken from season 2 of The Tube, presented by Leslie Ash, produced by Tyne Tees television for Channel 4, made in Newcastle and broadcast 30th March 1984.

Are you producing at the moment?
I'm sort of co-producing with Barry Reynolds, who did a lot with Grace Jones. That's a very interesting combination, we recorded with a great combination last night, that was Robert Palmer, Scratch, me and Barry. Nice at ease jamming, very good combination to the studio.
That sounds brilliant..
Yeah we're trying all kinds of very interesting combinations. That's the great thing about being here, there are so many people and different influences for you to pick up. If you want to do it, you can do it...

[cut to Lee 'Scratch' Perry who was working at the time on the History Mystery & Prophesy album]