Night Network

Ross Chalder
16 Oct 1987

John participated in an early episode of Night Network, broadcasted Friday 16 October 1987. John does a 'live set' including an acoustic May You Never. Sting is interviewed by Paul Thompson and Tom Petty by Mick Brown.

Night Network was ITV's first major experiment into the area of overnight broadcasting. Things started on Friday 28 August 1987, originally in the regions covered by London Weekend Television, TVS and Anglia. Initially broadcasts were made between 1 am and 4 am in the Friday and Saturday night schedules, and between 1 am and 3 am Sunday nights. The show was produced by Jill Sinclair, known for producing BBC1's Pop Quiz and Channel 4's The Tube at Tyne Tees Television, here aiming for similar audiences.

May You Never clocks in at about 3:30.

John Martyn @ Night Network

Producer: Jill Sinclair
Director: Ross Chalder