Loudon & Co #4

Maureen White
BBC Scotland
3 Aug 1994

John is guest in a Scottish BBC2 show hosted by Loudon Wainwright III. He performs Big Muff turning into Hurt In Your Heart with unchanged rhythm. John on electric guitar, John Giblin on acoustic bass guitar, at the Old Fruit Market, Glasgow.


The show ran 5 times, all of them broadcast in the summer of 1994 starting 13 July. The episodes were recorded in five days. This show is number 4 and was recorded June 1994.

The show trailer is amusing. On the music of Roachford performing Cuddly Toy live, John sits down on a throne and starts behaving in a Shakespearian way.
- Let the feasting commence!..
- More fruit, more fruit!..
[Putting a pineapple in his lap, probably thinking: fruit market > king > fruit of the loins, ed]
- Oh My Lord, the Handheld Camera! What news from the front..
- Your haggis is forfeit!

John is also introduced to Carlene Carter.
- Loudon: "Why it's John Martyn! Welcome to our dinner!
- John: Dear boy...
- Loudon: How are you? Oh god! We're doing a scene from The Cook, The Thief, The Whore & The Country Singer."
- John: "Where do I come in?"
- Loudon: "Sit down, John, you know Carlene Carter?"
- John: "Hello Carlene, how are you. Nice to meet you."
- Carlene: "Hello John, how are you doing. Nice to see you."
- Loudon: "It's John Martyn (James Taylor can't be here)."
- John: "Shouldn't have bothered dear..."

Loudon's introduction is interrupted by John over the PA system.
- Loudon: "Now I wanna tell you about my next guest... He flew in last night from Boston... He's exhausted... and yet he's going to do it. It's going to be incredible. He's a local boy, he's from Glasgow. He knows all these people."
- John: "Oh dear."
- Loudon: "He knóws all these people! His name is:... - He's an incredible... -Let me talk to you about him first."
- John: "They're only kidding, I'm not really here."
- Loudon: "He's dying to get going. He's an incredible guitar player, an amazing songwriter, a wonderful singer, Scottish guy: John Martyn!"

Host: Loudon Wainwright
Producer: May Miller
Director: Maureen White