Later With Jools Holland (1)

5 Nov 1992

Series 1, show 5
Three greatest hits in band versions, in No Little Boy style.
The introductory jam is the theme of Big Muff.

nr track time comment
01 Man In The Station 4:50 Noisy guitar solo on the gold top
02 Sweet Little Mystery 5:51 Sax solo on white sneakers
03 May You Never 5:38 Rather firm approach with some jazz sax woven in; John uses his acoustic guitar though

Spencer Cozens - keyboards
Gerry Underwood? - saxophone
John Giblin - bass
Arran Ahmun - drums
Andy Sheppard - saxophone (May You Never)
Jools Holland - piano (May You Never)

Jools Holland makes a nice introductory comment on May You Never:

"I too am going to be sitting in on this next number. It's nice because it's one of my favourite songs, in fact. I play it as a lullaby in front of my children. If they see this, they will know that it's not my song but I don't care, I am coming out, ladies and gentlemen. - John, are you allright there?"

The session is described by Mark Cooper in the final chapter of Love Is The Drug.