The Garden Party

6 Sep 1990

BBC live magazine program from the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow. John meets Richard Jobson and plays Deny This Love (5:59) together with Foster Paterson. This was the single meant to promote the new The Apprentice album.
The footage was shot in an old abandoned subway beneath the Botanic Gardens in wet weather conditions. I love the 'Thank you big Dick' at the start of the music.
The series ran from 1988 through 1991 with 154 60 minute episodes.

Transcript of the intro
RJ As you can see the tunnel is open to all of the elements, I'm absolutely drookit and I'm in search of... John Martyn, the famous Scottish blues man! Hello, John!
JM Hello, how are you?
I'm sorry about the weather, son
— Sorry old boy...
They tell me it's 280.000 degrees in London at the moment, hung backwards.
Now let's talk about YOU.

— Yes do!
Not the weather, I don't like talking 'bout the weather. Let's forget about the weather!
— Absolute no weather
Ehm a new album?
— New album
— The Apprentice
The Apprentice?
— The Apprentice my lad
Now you're slightly more than that, now John...
— Well no no no no, modesty's everything, modesty's everything.
Still learning!
— Yes, absolutely
And you are going to play the single for us today
— I am, yes
Which is?
— Deny This Love
Deny This Love... Please!
— Followed by the reading of the night
Yes, please do. Take it away, John!
— Thank you, Big Dick!

Hosts: Paul Coia, Debbie Greenwood
Producer: Charles Naim
Director: Liz Scott