Andy Kershaw Show (1996)

BBC Radio 1
12 Aug 1996

30 minutes.
Four And songs and a nice anecdote.
Sunshine's Better was included in the Ain't No Saint compilation.

Track Listing

nr track time comment
01 Suzanne [4:14] Rare
02 Sunshine's Better [5:02] Nice short guitar solo
03 She's A Lover/ Solid Air [5:23] Break to Solid Air after 3:40; back on 4:20. Nice drums
04 Step It Up [4:01] More noisy version

These are credible rare band renditions of And songs, on account of the new album. She's A Lover/ Solid Air must be one of the first of this segue: John starts singing the Solid Air lyrics for only forty seconds, the band however maintaining the She's A Lover chords.

Spiders In The Mouth

Kershaw has a nice anecdote before track #4:

"We used to put him on, you know, regularly, at Leeds University. I saw him frequently, I think we had some sort of monthly arrangement with him. Anyway, he came one time, he was doing a concert, and he does the first couple of numbers in that sort of engaging, mumbling way that he has. And then, two numbers in, he stops and he reaches inside his mouth and he pulls out a huge black rubber spider and tosses it to the side of the stage! That's John Martyn, in the third one in this session tonight, She's A Lover, and don't forget, new album, on Go disks..."

The show was rebroadcast on Thursday 29 May on BBC 6 Music through digital radio and over the internet.

Host: Andy Kershaw