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Deliver Me - Muliply CDMULTY72

1 Mar 2001

Sister Bliss featuring John Martyn
Deliver Me (Multiply)

It doesn't auger well. Sister Bliss decides to cover "Deliver Me", a rather dull track by The Beloved, and also picks folky hero John Martyn to guest on vocals.

The result, given John Martyn's leaning towards blues, can best be described as someone doing a poor remix of Moby's "Natural Blues".

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Please Fall In Love With Me – Warner WEA 79243

19 Sep 1981
Record Mirror
Sunie Fletcher

JOHN MARTYN: 'Please Fall In Love With Me' (WEA). Slow, unexciting exercise, rendered even less successful by a Phil Collins production that shoves Martyn's remarkable voice to the back and has a bleeding great drum thumping away in the thick of it and drowning all else out. Sounds suspiciously like Collins' horrible gurgley voice on backing vocals, too; why can't he be content with boring half the world to death with his own wretched records?

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