Sunday's Child - Island ILPS 9296

22 Feb 1975
Los Angeles Times
Jim Bickhart

Sunday's Child. John Martyn, Island ILPS 9296. Every second album, Scotland's John Martyn produces a masterpiece or near-masterpiece which reflects the potential vitality of the esoteric 'folkie' in contemporary popular music. Drawing on the traditional roots of his homeland for a foundation, Martyn proceeds to expand in every conceivable direction save perhaps that of classical music. He can lilt, rock, space out and experiment with electronics as well as anyone, and his superbly engineered records have an arresting intensity and atmosphere about them. Sunday's Child features lovely, simple compositions like Lay It All Down and The Message and sizzling guitar/ voice explorations like Call Me Crazy. Altogether, this is another striking, sensual album by an often overlooked major talent.

At last a critic with ears. This short review was published in the Los Angeles Times of Saturday 22 February 1975.

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