Sapphire - Island ILPS 9779

1 Dec 1984
Musin' Music Magazine #2
Rob O'Dempsey


Once you get over the initial shock of a Judy Garland song, second track in, you'll rapidly realise this is the best John Martyn album since Grace & Danger. Predominantly a vocal album with Linn Drum and keyboard rhythms, a conscious move not to make a guitar album. The vocal style continues to ooze like a saxophone in a way we've long grown accustomed to, and long ceased wondering what the lyric is about. Compulsive listening as is RICHARD THOMPSON. ACROSS A CROWDED ROOM [POLYDOR]: which should rush Richard to international stardom, but probably won't. [Several more records to follow, ed].

Musin' Music Magazine was published in stencilled form in Stafford. Editor was Rob O'Dempsey. The issue is not dated but could have been published early 1985, too.

Photocopies provided by Tim Deeks

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