Jersey, St Helier, La Buvette, 27 Jun 1992

4 Jul 1992
Jersey Evening Post
Harry McRandle

Night of nostalgia for a veteran rocker

By Harry McRandle

pictureGUITAR-playing per excellence was mixed with rock nostalgia in La Buvette on Saturday night1 when veteran rocker John Martyn and his band teased and conjured their way through two hours of memorable music.

Martyn, who has been a top live performer for the last 25 years, gave a performance that moved some of the audience to tears as a 400-strong crowd packed into the pub.

They heard Martyn, who had numerous hit albums including Well Kept Secret in the early 1980s, produce a polished performance. The ageing Glaswegian with the ever-expanding waistline played Guernsey on Friday night and had flown in from Chicago the day before.

He told the JEP that he enjoyed the Jersey audience and that he would be happy to return at some point in the future. That remark will be music to the ears of those lucky enough to have been there on Saturday.

1 The show must have taken place Saturday 27 June 1992. The ticket carried the text "Le Masurier Sports and Social Club present John Martyn and his band".
Material kindly provided by Dean Preston who remembers the show was in a small but very packed venue.