Inside Out – Island ILPS 9253

3 Nov 1973
Record Mirror
[Peter Jones]
John Martyn

Inside Out (Island ILPS 9253). Difficult to categorise this musician, except to say that he works in touches of blues, of folk, of the olde-worlde traditional sort of material. He is very much a musician's musician, but communicates to the masses, too. Good guitarist, again of varied styles. Stalwarts like Remi Kabaka, Danny Thompson (a diamond, says John), Stevie Winwood, Chris Wood on the backing sounds. Best tracks are Look In and The Glory Of Love, by B. Hill… an oldie, revitalised. Take your time in trying to get the best of Martyn – he's not always easy to understand.

This review was published in Record Mirror of 3rd November 1973, on page 21 of the Discorama section. The author was probably Peter Jones.

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