Heaven And Earth - Hole in the Rain LSM 4010

1 Jun 2011
Mojo #211
James McNair

John Martyn

* * *

Heaven And Earth


Completed just prior to his passing in January 2009.

Amputation of his right leg below the knee and the subsequent weight gain made Martyn's Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny home the most comfortable place to record his last album. Accoutrements at the unhurried, unedited sessions included 'peat and logs on the fire, warm port and herbal aromas', these feeding into a sensual, richly musical affair that has shades of his One World and Cooltide albums rather than, say, Solid Air. Amid the echoing, impressionistic lead guitars, meditative saxophones and shimmering Fender Rhodes chords, Martyn sounds grateful, sometimes even tickled. Fans will love the touching, piano-led title track, replete with the great man's Jack Russell terrier Gizmo barking at the end, while Stand Amazed finds Martyn at his rural front door, marvelling at 'the panoply of beauty' before him. He was no angel but an avowed affinity with Buddhism took him home.

James McNair
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