Couldn't Love You More - Permanent CD9

8 Oct 1992
The Guardian
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Couldn't Love You More (Permanent)

'This album could, quite safely, be considered 'The Best Of John Martyn',' goes the record company's press release. Hold hard, chums - 'Half Of The Best Of John Martyn', perhaps. You see, there are two types of song Martyn does better than anybody else: those that you'd loosely term 'love songs', and those that you wouldn't. This collection consists of the former category, fifteen exceptional love songs re-recorded this year with a little help from such mainstream mates as Phil Collins and Dave Gilmour, and garnished with some exquisite sax from Andy Shephard. Diehard fans will grumble, no doubt, but if they keep their minds and ears open, they will be rewarded with an exciting new perspective on some old favourites. Head And Heart, for example, never sounded better, and nor did Over The Hill. One World is quite unforgettable and Man In The Station is one to kill for. Hopefully this will get a whole new audience to check out one of the most impressive back catalogues around; and for those who have most of that back catalogue, here's an indispensable addition from a man who can do no wrong - trust him!


This looks like an advert disguised as a review, from the Guardian of Thursday 8 October 1992.