Couldn't Love You More - Festival D31020

2 Jan 1994
The Age
Larry Schwartz

Couldn't Love You More, John Martyn, (Festival).

BLESSED with a deep and soulful voice, the Glaswegian guitarist-vocalist has been faulted in recent years for more style than substance.

From the first moments of the opening song, Lonely Love, Martyn achieves a seductive sound with a blend of majestic, husky vocal and lush backing including keyboard, saxophone, drum, congas backing.

But despite the change of pace from upbeat tracks such as Over The Hill to the slow (May You Never), the album ambles along too amiably, never much more than an extremely pleasant, undemanding work.

Larry Schwartz

This Australian ditty was published in The Age (Melbourne) of Sunday 2 January 1994.