John and Beverley Martyn
1 Feb 1970
The Bottom Line:

Underrated record, one of the first to mix electric and acoustic music in a smooth way. Some songs (Beverley's) tend to get repetitious.

Recorded in the summer of 1969 at New York, A&R studios; this took six days of recording with two days mixing. John told Zig Zag magazine in 1974: "I enjoyed making that album a lot. That was really one of the finest hours because I think it surprised everybody. I think they were expecting some little folky album to come out and it came out with a lot of bite. It was just a little bit ahead of its time I thought."

First CD release May 1993 (silver);
Remastered and expanded CD 3 October 2005 (Island first pink label design).

21 February 2011 a heavy vinyl rerelease appeared on 4 Men With Beards. This US label is based in San Francisco, they are hard to find and people complain about the sound quality. Therefore I suspect this was ripped from a CD. There was an official repressing 28 July 2023 on the Proper Records label.

Original production credits:

John Martyn vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, Beverley Martyn vocals, acoustic guitar, Paul Harris piano, organ, musical direction, arrangements, Harvey Brooks bass, Levon Helm drums on Sweet Honesty & John The Baptist, Billy Mundi drums on Go Out And Get It, Herbie Lovell drums on Stormbringer! and Would You Believe Me?, John Simon harpsichord on Tomorrow Time;
Photographs by Hiroshi, front cover design by Nigel Weymouth, art direction by Diogenic Attempts Ltd.
Engineering by John Wood, produced by Joe Boyd, Witchseason Productions Ltd.

Producer: Joe Boyd
Engineer: John Wood
Vinyl: Island ILPS 9113
Vinyl: Warner WS 1854 (US, green label)
Vinyl: Island Festival L36526 (Australia)
Vinyl: Island 6339 003 (NL)
Vinyl: 4 Men With Beards 4M 803LP (180 grams, US unofficial, 21 Feb 2011)
Vinyl: Proper Records UMCLP053 (Poland, 180 grams, 28 July 2023)
CD: Island IMCD 131 (848 747-2) May 1993