Solid Air | Live At The Roundhouse (DVD)

15 May 2007
The Bottom Line:

DVD release of historic concert.

Full 15 song show, featuring the album Solid Air plus extra tracks. ('The whole kit and caboodle'.)

Recorded and filmed at The Roundhouse, London Saturday 3rd February 2007.

The video is well produced; sound and image quality are excellent and a lot of love went into this release.
It does John justice at the end of his career. He looks huge though and sometimes gets a little short of breath but the music is excellent.

The DVD concludes with a particularly touching moment. Just after the big applause and before the band introduction John announces a 'couple of silly songs' before he's 'going to gargle just a couple of night caps' for himself. In response to the grateful audience John suddenly states:
"I love you too, I truly do. Without you I couldn't do anything! It's true, all this wouldn't exist, you know what I mean; it's the absolute truth. – I hate saying shit like that, don't you?"
Well we appreciated it very much, John. The whole kit and caboodle.

Special features:
An interview with John Martyn,
Behind the scenes footage,
a photo gallery and
Subtitles! ("A very special thank you to Teresa")

John Martyn - guitars and vocals
Alan Thomson - bass and mandolin
Spencer Cozens - keyboards
Arran Ahmun - drums and percussion
Martin Winning - saxophone

Directed by Gavin Taylor
Produced by Damian Darlington
Executive producer Chas Cole
Edited by Bryan Kolupski

Concert production
Production Manager - Neil Brighouse
Lighting Director - Steve Swift
Front of House Mixing - Leigh Hunt
Monitor Engineer - Andy Greenwood
Backline Technician - Gary Farrell
Tour Manager - Roy Corkill
PA & Monitors - Brittania Row | ESS PA
Backline Driver - Tim Divine
Assistant to John - Teresa Walsh
John's Driver - George McCallum
Promoter - CMP Entertainment

Concert Video Production
Technical facilities - Arqiva Outside Broadcasts
Unit Manager - Chris Butler
VTR - Eric Ions
Vision Engineers - Toby Rolph, John McCallum
Jib Operator - Kevin French
Jib Assistant - Paul Davis
Camera Operators - Peter Johnson, Peter Edwards, Phil Piotrowsky, Keith Bradshaw, Sam Keogh
Camera Assistant - Peter Smith
Sound Engineer - Bryan Sadler
Sound Assistant - Jim Ogden
Production Assistant - Lulu Heggarty
Audio Recording Engineer - Kevin Toms
Recording Mobile - Studiocare

DVD Production
Audio Mixed by - Gareth Darlington
Mastering Engineer - Nick Watson
Still Photography by - Elliott Franks
Titles and Graphics by - Bryan Kolupski
Sleeve and Cover Design by - Switch Media

Director: Gavin Taylor
Producer: Damian Darlington
Executive producer: Chas Cole
Editor: Bryan Kolupski
Artwork: Switch Media