London Conversation

1 Oct 1967
The Bottom Line:

Somewhat naive album with songs that are still listenable because there was no money to spoil the production.

Originally released mono on pink label (see below) but there were mono rereleases on all subsequent Island labels with the same catalogue number. Many sources state 1968 as year of release but catalogue number 952 is clearly lower than Traffic's Mr. Fantasy (December 1967 and ILP 961) and in the same range as Wynder K. Frogg's Sunshine Superfrog (ILP 944, 1967). The original pink label confirms it was 'Published 1967'.

A second pressing with same catalogue number has been released in 1969 on the second pink ('black block') label. As a matter of fact this pressing is even more rare then the first one.
First CD release May 1993.
Remastered and expanded CD release 7 November 2005.

The album was recorded at Tony Pike's studio in Putney. As late as 2007 Andrew Ceelen remembered "going to the studio with the double decker bus and John playing the sitar on the way to the studio." In August 2008 John told Music Week that they did the whole album in one afternoon in a two-track studio on Putney High Street.

Chris Blackwell clarified (in the sleevenotes of the Johnny Boy Would Love This tribute project) that the cover photo was taken on the roof of his own apartment.

The making of the album cost 158 pounds. Which is the least you might have to pay if you want to get your hands on a good original copy in the new millennium.

Mold numbers
ILP+952A-1 and ILP+952B-1

Production: Theo Johnson, supervision Chris Blackwell. A Folkland production.
Cover design: CCS Advertising Associates Ltd.
Photography: Barry Wentzel.
Vinyl: Island ILP 952
Vinyl: Island Festival L36525 (Australia)
Vinyl: Orizzonte ORL 8373 (Italy)
Vinyl: Proper Records UMCLP051 (Poland, 180 gram, 14 Jul 2023)
CD: Island IMCD 134 (846 105-2) (May 1993)