Empty Ceiling - Live In Concert 1986

1 Nov 2006
The Bottom Line:

Voiceprint rerelease of hard to get German TV appearance. Same as the laserdisc.

Excellent recording during the Piece By Piece tour. The DVD title is derived from the Lookin' On lyrics.

The 45 minute show was originally made for and broadcasted by German television, Südwestfunk, in the Ohne Filter series ('Musik Pur'). Line-up: Foster Paterson, Arran Ahmun (with hair), Alan Thomson. The analogue video signal provides a bit of a soft image but on the whole the quality is very enjoyable. The German audience is a bit too polite for the music. Alan Thomson plays awesome and Arran Ahmun has to compete with several computers. John is wearing a special Ohne Filter T-shirt and no suit.

The first 1.000 copies went accompanied by a bonus audio CD of the concert.
John Hillarby wrote sleevenotes for this region-free DVD.

Track listing

nr track time comment
01 Dealer 5:36 Party! John dancing on his toes with a Gibson goldtop
02 Mad Dog Days 5:24 Rather rare live; John with a red Fender
03 Piece By Piece 3:56 Rather rare live; Alan Thomson playing keyboards and even a solo
04 Love Of Mine 4:55 Rather rare live; John's right hand gets a life of its own. Cute solo.
05 Jelly Roll Baker (The Easy Blues) 3:13 "And now for something completely different" - acoustic
06 Lookin' On 6:46 Fast and loud, the whole band looking and playing electric
07 John Wayne 7:23 Just love the military salute into the camera on 35:55. "Drink your milk!"
08 Johnny Too Bad 6:08 Faultly announced as Nightline. 'Johnny take a long walk' intro.
Paintings: Philomena Mills
Photos: Kenny Mathieson
Design, layout: Jon Price (Kadu Ink)
DVD: One World OW127DVD