The Apprentice In Concert (DVD)

3 Jul 2006
The Bottom Line:

VHS based DVD.

Filmed [31 March 1990] at the Shaw Theatre, London. Same performance has been released on 2CD Live and on VHS-tape.

Line-up: Spencer Cozens (keyboards), Alan Thomson (bass), Dave Lewis (saxophone), Miles Bould (drums and percussion). David Gilmour features as guest on the last three tracks.

Look At The Girl also was included in a 3 disc bootleg video of David Gilmour, Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar - A Video Anthology 1978-2001 (disc 3, track #9). The interesting thing is that this footage contains a brief introductory interview fragment with John and David explaining that they did not rehearse the performance. So we are looking at a 'live rehearsal'.

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