Scotia Bar..

Jim McKnight

Jim McKnight, who knew John well, had this plaque made and installed in the Scotia Bar, Glasgow on 18 February 2012.
"It is placed under Hamish Imlach's, which has been on the wall since Hamish died, as Hamish was John's mentor." Nice touch.
The Scotia Bar (established 1792) is the oldest pub in Glasgow and can be found at 112-114 Stockwell Street. A third plaque has been added for Gerry Rafferty.

Phil Shackleton remembers the items well:


Hans van den Berk

This seat is to be admired at Carroll's Bar in Thomastown, Kilkenny. Pub owner Bill Carroll had it especially made for John. Imagine that you're a huge fan and you discover your hero is coming to live in your home town..
Apparently John's comment was 'That will do nicely', according to the the sign which continues 'Thank You | John Martyn | Musician, Singer, Songwriter'.
I took this picture during the first John Martyn Tribute Festival, Saturday 10 September 2011.

Church for sale

Google Street View

For a long time Roberton, Lanarkshire was a bit blurry in Google Earth. But in the course of 2009 things became better.
When I finally managed to dig up this picture, taken in street view, it was a bit of a shock to find out John's recording studio apparently was for sale.


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