TV recording

Loudon & Co #4

Maureen White
BBC Scotland
3 Aug 1994

John is guest in a Scottish BBC2 show hosted by Loudon Wainwright III. He performs Big Muff turning into Hurt In Your Heart with unchanged rhythm. John on electric guitar, John Giblin on acoustic bass guitar, at the Old Fruit Market, Glasgow.

Host: Loudon Wainwright
Producer: May Miller
Director: Maureen White

Sigue Sigue Plastic

Tinet Rubira
19 Mar 1991

John apparently participated in the final episode of the Spanish youth magazine Sigue Sigue Plastic.
It was broadcast the 19th March 1991. John plays Send Me One Line with the band from The Apprentice Tour. The track lasts 3 minutes and partly plays during the final credits.
We see a young Spencer Cozens on keyboards, probably Alan Thomson on bass, probably Miles Bould on drums and also a saxophone player.

Producer: Gemma Ruiz
Hosts: Daved Bages, Marisol Galdón and Tinet Rubira

Push The Boat Out

BBC Scotland
23 Feb 1991

Push The Boat Out was a weekly series filmed on board the Renfrew Ferry and hosted by fiddler Aly Bain and and accordionist Phil Cunningham. Weekly guests included Mary Black, John Martyn, Eddi Reader.
Filming took place during Glasgow's Mayfest in 1990, when Glasgow was European City Of Culture.
The first episode aired 23 February 1991 on BBC Scotland. This show was recorded Monday, 7 May 1990.

From the tv-listings:

Host: Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham
Production: Maureen White, John Archer

Big Day | Glasgow Cultural Capital

Channel 4
3 Jun 1990

When Glasgow was Cultural capital of Europe (1990), John made a rather peculiar contribution in an empty theater, together with saxophone player. If I remember correctly it might have been Send Me One Line. It was probably a rehearsal as John did play Send Me One Line during the Big Day (Sunday 3 June). This was at Custom House Quay in the bandstand along the river Clyde. The multi stage show was broadcast live by Channel 4.
The cameraman zooms in on John's sunglasses that reflect the audience and there are also helicopter shots.


Saturday Night Clyde

5 May 1990

Saturday Night Clyde gave a weekly preview on the events that took place that year in Glasgow European Capital of Culture.
This episode was presented from the Glasgow May Festival. It featured the exposition 'Glasgow's Glasgow', an interview with Scottish poet Edwin Morgan, and music by John Martyn.
My best guess is that the John part was recorded at Buster Brown's club in Edinburgh, 16 March 1990. The info about this occasion reads "Sweet Little Mystery | Look At The Girl | Send Me One Line | Interview".

Producer: May Miller, John Archer
Hosts: Clare English, Stuart Cosgrove, Pat Kane


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