Alright Now - Island Records 25th Anniversary

Various Artists
1 Jan 1988
The Bottom Line

Music video highlighting the spirit and musical diversity of Island Records over the last 25 years.

Mostly live performance, all re-mixed for stereo hi-fi. Artists include: Robert Palmer, The Christians, Eric Clapton, Sly and Robbie, Aswad, Julian Cope, Troublefunk, Bob Marley and U2. And John Martyn. The show was also televised and in the tv-listing Free and Spencer Davis Group were also mentioned.

The actual live recordings were made in Pinewood studios with a lot of Sly & Robbie.

VHS: Island Visual Arts IVA 007 (80 minutes)

In Vision 1973-1981

1 Jan 1982
The Bottom Line:

Excellent but unavailable collection of vintage Martyn; good overview up to Grace and danger. Also useful for comparing suits.

VHS: BBCV 3013 (100 minutes)
V2000: BBCV 3013 (100 minutes)


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