Remain in Love

Chris Frantz
New York, St. Martin's Press | ISBN 9781250209221

Life at Compass Point

Once in a while, there is trouble in paradise. In 1983 at the Compass Point Christmas party, we were introduced to the British folk artist John Martyn.

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Heaven And Earth - Hole in the Rain LSM 4010

27 Jun 2011
Knoxville News-Sentinel
Wayne Bledsoe

"Heaven and Earth," John Martyn (Hole In the Rain)

John Martyn was one of the greatest English singer-songwriters who never made a dent in the United States. Martyn's work was probably better known from artists who covered his songs, including Eric Clapton (May You Never), but Martyn was a singular performer and a true innovator.

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Heaven And Earth

Heaven And Earth: Musical Pioneer John Martyn’s Last Sonic Testament

Rock Paper

When the late British musical icon John Martyn sat down at the keys, veteran rock producer and good friend Jim Tullio sighed. Martyn, an innovative guitarist and singer, had just finished a suite for the London National Ballet Company, which Tullio was mixing, but insisted he needed to lay down a keyboard part. Tullio prepared for hours of noodling, but Martyn made one pass and left. As Tullio incorporated the track into the mix, he was blown away.

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