Remembering John (Martyn)

Phil Shackleton
Phil Shackleton website

I first met John one sunny afternoon in 1977. I was watching tv in the living room at Hamish Imlachs place in Motherwell Scotland. The door crashed open and in walked this tall hyper young guy in his late 20's,

RIAS Berlin

Uwe Golz
RIAS Berlin

A radio interview with Uwe Golz for RIAS Berlin, probably conducted in the context of the Quartier Latin concert of 22 April 1986 during the Piece By Piece tour.
It is to be found on YouTube but I intend to transcribe it.

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Ohne Filter (3)

1 Apr 1986

10 minutes
Band appearance not identical with the 45 minute special (the Laserdisk), but taken from same concert. I also found an 'Ohne Filter extra' broadcast by WDR on Sunday 22 June 1986 that apparently lasted more than two hours.



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