Leeds Flyer 1982

Leeds University Union
Leeds University Union
John Martyn and His Band

Saturday 9th October 7.30p.m
Tickets £3.50


Number One with a bullet!!!

Mad-Axe Hero Supreme!!!

The Next Big Thing!!!

are just three tributes that no-one, not even a music journalist, has ever afforded Glaswegian John Martyn, established 'cult' star, serious drinker and musician of manifold and exceptional talents. A music business enigma, Martyn, while never Flavour of the Month, has retained and persistently extended his considerable audience. John Martyn, the man and his music, has progressed through 15 years of rock 'n' roll (phew!) and where so many once heavily touted has-beens would have settled for the barest of survivals, he has produced some 13 albums of impeccable quality and blended styles.

The combination of a formative period spent knocking 'em dead on the folk circuit and his professed preference for 'nasty rock clubs' somehow gave birth to a unique career embracing the improvisational qualities of jazz, the sensitivity of folk, and the emotional depth of the blues. A vocalist, musician and songwriter par excellence, Martyn's work defies simple categorisation. The musical emphasis has shifted repeatedly, from the ethnic rhythms of Road To Ruin (1969), the harsh, emotive blues of Solid Air (1973), the involvement of JA luminaries Lee Perry and Jack Ruby (One World 1976) to that of Phil Collins on Glorious Fool (1981); but the results have always been remarkable. Highly respected by his peers, John Martyn has always been an eclectic musical explorer, eager to pick up on new styles and weave them into the complex pattern of his inspiration.

This Autumn, Martyn is touring with a full band (including bassist Danny Thomson)1 and playing better than ever. From his harder, more direct latest album Well Kept Secret to the perennial favourites May You Never and Johnny Too Bad and his effortless guitar mastery, you can be sure it will be a captivating performance.

Tickets available from the CTS shop (Students Union) and Jumbo Records
(Merrion Centre) No age, dress or NUS restrictions

1 This is incorrect. The Well Kept Secret Tour featured Alan Thomson on bass.
Material kindly provided by Richard Hannan.
The date of the performance is 9th October, 1982.

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