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Glorious Fool Tour 1981

Mike Sparrow
Tour program

John's Band

Jeff Allen, Drums
Jeff is a leading session drummer whose credits read like a who's who of the record business. Formerly in East of Eden for four years he went on to play with Bonnie Tyler, Barbara Dickson, B.A. Robertson and on literally hundreds of records.

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Australian Tour July 1978

Tour program

The tour program counts 16 pages. The first page is for record company advertisements, page 3 gives the tour dates, and page 4 a peculiar advert for the 'Moke Californian' buggy. The following pages are for John's career description, carrying six Island publicity photos. One additional page features eight review clippings and another page an advert for a 'Salute to Satchmo' jazz tour with the Graeme Bell Band. Supporting act Margret Roadknight gets a page towards the and and the booklet closes with tour production credits and a TAA airline ad.

July Wakes Festival

Tour program


John Martyn is a man of paradox. A performer who interplays a cockney brashness in conversation with his audience against an emotive warmth in his singing and fiery virtuosity in his playing.


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